There are two versions of the TALYPayroll Software website. Both are accessed from and your login details will determine which system you will have access to.

Payroll Software

Anyone can register for free on the system using the register button on the website These users will be accessing the free version of the TALYPayroll system. There is absolutely no cost for registering on, or using, the TALYPayroll free version.

Payment to TALYPayroll

TALYPayroll is a South African company and all prices given on this page are in South African Rands and exclude VAT.


Free payroll Users of TALYPayroll Software can have up to five employees in one company. In order to have more companies and/or employees they would have to upgrade to the Premium version.

TALYPayroll Premium

The pricing for the Premium version is charged per payslip, we do not charge per employee, or a monthly or annual subscription fee. Payslips are sold in bundles and are credited to your account which are deducted from when making a payslip, once you have used up all your payslip credits you will be required to top up your account with additional payslips.

Payslip Bundle size Per slip Bundle price
1 59.60 59.60
12 29.80 357.60
24 23.30 559.20
60 15.30 918.00
300 13.00 3900.00
600 11.90 7140.00
900 11.00 9900.00
1200 10.50 12600.00
2400 8.60 20640.00
6000 6.80 40800.00
12000 5.60 67200.00

Prices exclude VAT


Users of TALYPayroll premium can have multiple companies per registered user. They will also have access to the HR functions, and the electronic filing options.

Packages Free version Premium version
Print payslips Yes Yes
Multiple companies No Yes
Export to e@syFile/eFiling No Yes
UIF Export No Yes
Cost Free According to Payslip price
EMP201 No Yes
EMP501 No Yes
IRP5 No Yes
Number of employees 5 Unlimited
Leave Functions Yes Yes
HR Functions No Yes
Number of deductions 5 10


Taly Data reserves the right to change the features available to the various versions, as well as the versions available, without prior notification.