Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is TalyPayroll?

Q: How do I download and install Payroll?

Q: Can I use the Payroll service on anything else besides a computer?

Q: Can I import data from other payroll software such as VIP or Pastel Payroll?

Q: What is the difference between the Premium and Free version?

Q: Is the TalyPayroll free version really free?

Q: Is TalyPayroll a full accounting system?

Q: Can employees see their own payslips?

Q: If I have a free version for one year and then buy the premium version for the next year, will I still be able to see the data for the previous free year

Q: If I have 10 users on the premium version for one year and then fewer users the next year, will I still be able to see the data for all 10 users in the previous year?

Q: Is the software SARS E@syFile/eFiling compatible and compliant?

Q: How secure is the software?

Q: If I switch from the premium to free version, can I still see the premium version data?

Q: Can I purchase any number of employees?

Q: If I have weekly employees, do I pay per payslips or per month for the premium version?

Q: Can TalyPayroll add a specific feature or function for me?

Q: What is TalyPayroll's privacy policy regarding employee data?

Q: How do I register?

Q: How is available leave calculated??

Q: My payslips are blank when I try to print from Internet Explorer? What can I do?

Q: My payslips are printing incorrectly in Firefox?

Q: Where can I get more help?