TalyPayroll software beginners guide

1. Click on the "Create account" buttons in the Login box.
2. Fill in the form, making sure your email address is spelled correctly and that your password isn't too easy to guess. You will also need to tick the box next to "I have read the Terms and Conditions"
3. Click "Register"
4. The system will now send you an email with a link to activate your TalyPayroll account.
1. After registering you will receive an email, sent to the email address you specified as your contact email.
2. You can then click on the link in the email. If nothing happens when you do this, you can cut and paste it into your browser.
3. NOTE: The activation link in the email is only valid for 72 hours from the time it was sent. If you have not activated within this period, you will need to email support@talypayroll.com for assistance.
4. Your browser should then take you to the activation page and you should see the message Your account have been successfully activated.
5. If you do not see this message, you will need to email support@talypayroll.com with the message you received.
1. The first time you login to TalyPayroll you will be presented with a page requesting certain basic information which you need to fill in.
2. After this you will be shown the homepage. There are additional settings you should review, choose "System setup" from the menu on the left and then "Company settings" under that .
3. Although some of these settings are only needed at reconciliation time, it is preferable to fill them in before you start working to avoid issues at a later stage.
4. HINT: Don't forget to click save when you have changed any settings.
1. All the functions you need can be accessed from the menu on the left.
2. To logout, click on "Logout" at the bottom of the left menu.
3. If you have any questions or comments, you can email us on support@talypayroll.com, or click on the "Feedback" link at the bottom of the page.
1. The standard work hours is already set to 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week.
2. This must be changed if your company has a different policy regarding work hours, otherwise you can leave the setting as it is.
3. Save and proceed.
1. Click on the Employees button on the homepage or the menu button on the left.
2. Select add employees
3. Remember the free version only gives you 5 employees, which includes past employees.
4. Salary information must be added here by clicking the salary tab and add all necessary information.
5. Click Submit to save the information.
6. When completed, you can click on the employee's name to view and edit the employee details
1. Click on the Payslips button on the homepage or the menu button on the left.
2. When the screen opens, select the month you are doing payslips for. There will be a coloured highlight of the month you are choosing.
3. You can select "add all" for all employees, "add by cost centre" for all employees in the same cost centre or "add" for individual employees.
4. All the names will be added according to your selection. Payslips can be edited by clicking on the employees name.
5. If you are adding individual employees, click on Submit at the bottom of the page to issue the payslip to that employee.
6. Do the same for all employees.
1. Click on "Reports" on the left menu.
2. Select print payslips.
3. Select the month you want to print for.
4. You may either print all the payslips by clicking "print all payslips", or you can print individual payslips by clicking on the employee and clicking on the print button at the top of the preview.
5. A "PDF" file will be generated, to print a hard copy to the printer you need to open the PDF file and print from there.